As more and more rumours point towards Apple releasing the next generation of the iPad in September, we look at some of the features the new model is said to offer.

Rumours suggest that the bezel around the screen will be thinner - like the iPad mini's, this will allow room for a larger display. Talking of the displays, the rumoured iPad 5 is expected to have a higher screen resolution, for sharper and more colourful images. We might also see a GF2 touch panel which would make the touchscreen thinner, allowing more room inside. 

The new tablet is said to have a rear facing microphone, just like the iPhone 5. Many people want Apple's new tablet to come in multiple colours, like the new iPod touch, but reports don't suggest this will happen.

The rumoured A7 chip could be fitted into the iPad 5 to enhance the overall performance of the tablet.

Power efficiency is also said to improve and this will allow Apple to reduce the size of the battery, decreasing the weight of the device by 25% and making it 15% thinner than the current iPad. We won't see wireless charging yet, Apple probably needs much more time to experiment with this technology. But, you never know what might happen...

The camera might get an update and a flash might be added to improve picture quality

Many sources suggest that Apple will be announcing the iPad 5 in September this year. The price is expected to stay at roughly the same level as the current iPad. 

Marcelina Zwegrodzka is the author of this Apple blog.