When you're looking to bring order to your life, adding a to do app to your iPhone or iPad can help bring order quickly and easily. Here we're looking at three distinct apps - Reminders, which is free with iOS, Appigo ToDo and OmniGroup's OmniFocus.

Best for no cost

Reminders - Apple

You wish you didn’t have so much to keep track of and you’d rather not spend longer learning a To Do app than doing what you need to get done. Apple’s own free app is for you because it’s extremely simple and works well. [read more]

Best for tasks that repeat

Appigo ToDo

All the pleasure of checking off a task as done is sucked right out of it if the next thing you have to do is add that task back in for next week.  It’s in this middle range – where you find you need repeating tasks and very many of them too – where you find most To Do apps.  Many are free but Appigo Todo is a very good, low-cast and well-supported app that’s has been around for a long time. [read more]

Best app for comprehensive cover


If your red badge’s count of unfinished tasks never seems to go down, try OmniFocus instead. The iPad version is easiest, the Mac version is hardest, the iPhone is in the middle but they all take effort to learn – and are all worth it. Buy one and you’ll soon buy them all. [read more]