Apple announced its next mobile operating system, iOS 6, at its WWDC keynote on Monday. There are lots of new features coming to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch when iOS 6 is released, but not all of them will be available to every iOS device.

In the small print at the bottom of Apple’s iOS 6 preview webpage, the company states: “Not all features available on all devices.”

Apple then goes on to list eight footnotes detailing device compatibility. As you can see from our chart, the iPhone 3GS and 4th generation iPod will miss out on the Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation features in the new Maps app, and won’t get Siri, FaceTime over 3G, Shared Photo Stream, VIP Mail, or Offline Reading List.

iPad 2 owners who were excited about the announcement that Apple is bringing Siri to the iPad will be disappointed to learn that it won’t be compatible with their device.

Apple is only making FaceTime over 3G available to the iPhone 4S and new iPad.

The iPhone 3GS and 4th generation iPod touch will, however, see all of the other features coming to iOS this autumn, including Facebook integration, the new Passbook app, updates to the Phone app, Safari improvements and more.

The third-generation iPod touch and original iPad will miss out all together, as they are not compatible with iOS 6 and will have to stick to older operating systems.

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