The white iPhone 4 - until now, something you could only get your hands on if you were prepared to partake in a spot of DIY - has been spotted on the websites of two UK networks.

After appearing on the AT&T website earlier this week, the white iPhone 4 has popped up on the websites of UK network operators Orange and Three, reports TiPb.

Three offers both the black and white iPhone 4 in 16GB or 32GB capacity, either on a £35 per month contract with a £69 upfront charge or a £45 per month contract with no upfront charge.

Orange has a more complex pricing structure though only has two plans where you can pick up the handset without incurring an upfront charge.

There is no evidence of a white iPhone 4 anywhere on the Vodafone, T-Mobile or O2 websites. At the time of writing, Orange and Three had not responded to Macworld's request for further details.

Back in December, Macworld reported that signage in the US Apple Store had appeared to confirm that the white iPhone 4 would be available in spring 2011.

The white iPhone 4 was meant to launch at the same time as the traditional black version, but Apple said in June, less than a month before launch, that the white iPhone 4 wouldn't be ready in time.