Rumours that Apple is working on a WiFi iPod have resurfaced again.

A digitimes report suggests that Apple will launch WiFi enabled iPods in the second half of 2007. The report claims that Universal Scientific Industrial (USI) will produce the Wi-Fi modules and Foxconn will perform as the OEM system assembler. Digitimes sources are “Taiwan portable music player component makers”.

More than a year ago Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs was grabbing headlines by suggesting that developing a WiFi iPod would be a sensible move for Apple.

And last May a patent was identified (filed in December 2004) that described a fully wireless-enabled iPod, but suggested that the device would be used as a "portable shopping cart".

That patent posits a device that's capable of connecting to a store using mobile phone networks or WiFi networks – and sounding remarkably like functionality available on the iPhone.

Microsoft’s Zune has wireless functionality and both Sony and Samsung are said to have plans to introduce WiFi music players.