The change from GMT to BST (British Summer Time) that will take place over the weekend will lead to lighter evenings in the UK, though could potentially have some less desirable side effects.

iPhone owners would be well advised not to rely on the device's alarm clock if they have any critical appointments on Sunday morning, given recent events.

Earlier this month, iPhone owners in the US fell victim to the iPhone clock bug, with iPhone clocks going back by one hour, rather than going forward by one hour as they should have done for Daylight Savings Time.

Over the New Year iPhone owners reported problems with one-off alarms in the first few days of January.

A poll on suggested that more than a quarter of visitors wouldn't be relying on their iPhone alarm, and around a third never use their iPhone alarm anyway.

Any problem with the iPhone's alarm could prove especially annoying for motorsport fans as the season's opening Formula One race at Albert Park in Melbourne will begin at 0700BST.

Coverage on the BBC will begin at 0600BST, and if you're in the UK you can watch the race live online on the BBC's website.