Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 will be released by the end of October.

The firm made the announcement at its Worldwide Developer Conference in Toronto today. October was the long rumoured date for the launch and has been confirmed by Windows chief marketing officer and chief financial officer Tami Reller. See also: Windows 8: the complete guide.

"For the first time, we provided details on Windows 8 availability. Tami confirmed that Windows 8 is on track to Release to Manufacturing (RTM) the first week of August." said the Windows Blog.

Windows 8 will be available in 109 languages across 231 markets worldwide, according to Reller. Consumers will be available to purchase Window 8 PCs, laptops and tablets from October as well as upgrade from Windows 7.

Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will cost $39 for XP, Vista and Windows 7 users. However, if you buy a new Windows 7 machine the Windows Upgrade Offer allows you to upgrade for $14.

The software giant said that it has sold more than 630 million licenses for Windows 7 to date. "For enterprise customers with Software Assurance benefits, they will have full access to Windows 8 bits as early as August." Added Microsoft.

Windows 8 Advisor

Developers making Windows 8 apps will be able to start making money from their work once the OS hits RTM as this is when the commerce platform will be switched on.

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