Microsoft will support Adobe's competing Flash technology alongside its own Silverlight technology on Windows Mobile phones, the companies announces today.

Microsoft has licensed Adobe Flash Lite, the Flash Player runtime for mobile devices, so that Windows Mobile phone users can view Flash content in the browser. Microsoft has also licensed the Adobe Reader LE software, so that Windows Mobile users will be able to view PDFs.

The two companies hope to introduce Flash and PDF support on Windows Mobile devices by year's end.

The move contrasts heavily with Apple CEO Steve Jobs' recent arguments against supporting Flash Lite on the iPhone. He says Flash Lite lacks the power iPhone users demand.

Anup Murarka, director of technical marketing for mobile and devices at Adobe, said: "We'd love to see Flash come to the iPhone."

Apple would have to work with Adobe to license Flash for the iPhone. "Hopefully when we have the opportunity to review the SDK, and if it's a vehicle to deliver a solution, we would look forward to working with Apple," he said.