We'll start this week with Apple that has sued Samsung for allegedly copying the iPad, iPod and iPhone with its Galaxy Tab and Galaxy handsets.

According to a report filed last Friday, Samsung copied Apple technologies, designs and even packaging with its Android based products. In the complaint, Apple laid out several detailed design elements of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that it said Samsung copied. They include the rectangular case with rounded corners, the metallic edge and the thick, black bands that appear at the top and bottom of the iPhone and iPod Touch and all around the iPad. In addition to copying these, Samsung designed application icons for its devices that closely emulated Apple's icons for the phone, music player, notepad, contacts and settings functions. Samsung said the company had no comment on the lawsuit.

Staying with tablets, the BlackBerry Playbook got a subdued retail launch this week when it hit shelves at Best Buy and Radio Shack Tuesday. RIM didn't responded to questions about the first full day of ales, but a Best Buy outside of Boston had only one 16GB unit in stock, selling for $500, but it was being used as a demonstration unit. A Radio Shack nearby only had 3 Playbooks in stock and both stores said they wouldn't get more until next week.

After 6 years in existence, Google Video will soon be going away for good. The video search engine debuted in 2005, but stopped allowing users to upload content in 2009. It will remove all content next week on April 29. If you have an account with video content you should have gotten an email encouraging you to move your footage to YouTube. The service will be inaccessible after the 29th, but you have until May 13 to retrieve your content.

Staying with Google, the company's Map Maker is finally available in the US after debuting in 183 countries since 2008. Map Maker allows people to click an edit button while viewing a map and fill in any missing details with labels and sketches. For example, users will be able to add names of buildings that aren't identified, map out hiking or bike trails in a park and update changes in roads. All changes are reviewed and approved by a Google quality assurance team, and they can also be evaluated by other users for accuracy.

Looking to trick out your bathroom with the latest in toilet technology? Well look no further than the Numi from Kohler. It has a motion activated lid, a heated seat, feet warmers, ambient lighting, built in speakers for your MP3 player and a detachable touchscreen remote, which among other things, lets you control the flow of the integrated bidet. It will be available towards the end of this month in the US for a whopping $6,300. One thing it won't do is post Facebook status updates for you.