We'll start with Microsoft and its new partnership with Nokia. Last week we heard that Nokia would phase out Symbian in favor of Windows Phone 7. This week Nokia CEO Stephen Elop joined Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft had news of its own saying that in 2011 they'll bring multitasking to windows phones as well as a new HTML 5 browser. On the gaming side Microsoft showed a video of prototype technology that pairs a Windows Phone with Kinect game on Xbox. Since it was only a demonstration there are no specific plans to commercialize it, but the company wanted to show what was possible.

Nvidia for the first time showed a quad core mobile processor here at MWC, which will be built into smartphones and tablets later this year. Called Project Kal-El it will require less power than the company's Tegra Two chip, yet be much faster.

Ujesh Desai, VP, Product Marketing, Nvidia: "So it's a quad core processor, mobile processor. It's also got a brand new GForce, 12 core GForce GPU in it. Performance wise it's going to be roughly 5x the performance of Tegra 2. We're sampling to customers already and we're working with them to have tablets in the market this August and we're shootin to have a superphone in the market by Christmas this year."

The company had one device running multiple web searches with the clock speed displayed as well as a tablet running an Xbox360 game. Nvidia wouldn't say what companies they're working with, but tablets have been big news here at the show and with faster processors they'll be more capable of handling tasks like video editing and heavy gaming, typically reserved for powerful desktops and laptops.

We saw a number of tablets and smartphones debut here at the show each trying to differentiate itself with better display technology, faster processors and even some more unique features like 3D cameras.

Samsung refreshed it's Galaxy S line up adding the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy S 2 smartphone. Both come with dual core 1 ghz processors and front and rear facing cameras. The smartphone has a 4.3 inch screen while the table has a 10.1 inch screen. The phone will starting shipping in some markets in February where the tablet will come in June. Pricing wasn't discussed for either device.

HTC debuted a line up of smartphones and a tablet called the Flyer. It's got a 7 inch screen and weighs 530 grams or a little over 1 pound. It will ship in the 2nd quarter though wireless carriers will determine pricing and exact launch dates. It does have a stylus, but it doesn't need to be used all the time. You can use it in the Notes app to draw out ideas whiteboard style. We checked it out at the booth, but it wasn't running as smooth as the company may have hoped.

LG added 3D cameras and no glasses displays to the Optimus 3D smartphone and Optimus Tab. They both use applied parallax barrier technology, which puts a series of slits on the front of the LCD screen that block light. That ensures a user's left and right eye see different images.

Jong-Seok Park, EVP & CEO, Mobile Communications, LG: "With our new 3D smartphone, user can create 3D content themselves...even better our display works without glasses."

Both of the devices 3D videos can be viewed on 3D TVs or shared on the Web through YouTube 3D. The Optimus Pad will be available in Europe from April and the Optimus 3D smartphone from May. Pricing and international availability weren't discussed.

Sony Ericsson tapped into mobile gaming with the launch of the Xperia Play smartphone that can run playstation Games.

Aaron Duke, Xperia Play product manager, Sony Ericsson: "Look at that, do you recognize these keys? This is a real, certified, PlayStation certified game controller. Complete with trigger keys and analog joysticks. You keep your hands on the controls rather than all over the screen. Let's talk about finding games. You launch the Xperia Play launch and you can browse all of your content, recently added and you can get more games if you click on more games you get access to all of the premium content all optimized for the Xperia Play."

The phone runs Gingerbread, the next version of Google's Android operating system and comes preloaded with PlayStation 1 game titles. Later in the year the PlayStation store will open and allow users to download a wider variety of games. The phone itself will launch in about a month.

With more and more users adopting Android, businesses are struggling the typically consumer owned devices secure. VMware introduced software that partitions to the OS separating business and pleasure. It will be available later this year.

Here at the show it isn't all work all the time. Some companies try and tempt showgoers to visit booths with free swag and giveaways. Here at the Android booth they're making s