Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has revealed the contents of his, presumably massive, backpack. It reads a bit like the conveyer belt on The Generation Game. 

Wozniak definitely doesn’t pack light. Inside his backpack he carries: one MaBook Pro; two iPad nanos (affixed to watch straps); two iPads; an iPad case combined with keyboard; a Jambox speaker; two 4G mifi; two Mutewatches; battery chargers for his camera and various Apple gadgets; a Kindle; two Garmin sat navs (one for the car, one for the backpack); four iPhones; two Galaxy Nexus phones; and a Droid RAZR. As ever the gentleman, many of the items in his backpack belong to his wife.

The above products can be seen in a photo of the contents, provided by Wozniak to Gizmodo. Although, according to Woz, there are more gadgets that are out of sight in the photo. These include an Airport Express; Bluetooth mouse, binoculars, Gameboy Lights; and a number of other items.

He reckons that his rucksack weighs about 50 pounds (22.6kg, or 3.5 stone) – that’s about the weight of a 4-7 year old child.

Not surprisingly the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) sometimes takes a long time to unpack it, according to Wozniak.


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