If you're going to San Francisco next month, be sure to take an iPod in your hand.

That's because travel info website Expodition has introduced an iPod-based guide for Apple's San Francisco-based Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which takes place 11-15 June.

Visitors to the website can download the free-of-charge Pod SnapShot which can then be viewed on their iPods - enabling them to effectively plan their time at WWDC.

The WWDC Pod SnapShot is designed for anyone attending the conference and contains useful information such as full Session and Lab descriptions, Schedule information, Frequently Asked Questions and Travel information. The SnapShot also contains details about the Moscone Center where the event takes place.

Rod Cambridge, founder of Expodition, comments: "Expodition is pleased to be making this free download available to all visitors to our website. With this Pod SnapShot, visitors to WWDC can get detailed, first hand knowledge of the conference in one convenient package. Many people travel to events and conferences such as these with their iPods – and so we thought it would be cool to give those iPods an additional, and extremely useful, role".