Yahoo and seven US newspaper publishers are partnering to deliver local advertising and search services to online newspaper readers.

Initially, the partnership will allow advertisers that list jobs in any of the newspapers involved to also post their jobs on Yahoo HotJobs, Yahoo's job listing site, Yahoo said on Monday. Also, all of the involved newspapers' online job search sections will be co-branded with Yahoo and will be powered by HotJobs.

HotJobs allows advertisers to use a variety of technologies to display and deliver their ads, including streaming, interactive media, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds and newsletters.

Yahoo expects that the jobs offering will create a strong local jobs network and allow recruitment advertisers to reach a larger audience.

The newspaper companies involved sell more than 170 daily newspapers in 38 states across the US.

Yahoo and the newspapers have discussed other plans in addition to the online jobs collaboration. The newspapers could also use Yahoo's advertising platform to sell advertising on their sites, use some of Yahoo's search offerings such as sponsored search and offer downloads of Yahoo's toolbar.

The newspapers could also offer other Yahoo products such as Yahoo Local listings, Yahoo Maps and Event listings on their sites.

Yahoo and the newspapers believe that the use of local search will grow significantly in the next few years, creating a huge opportunity for local advertising, they said.

In early November, Yahoo competitor Google also announced an advertising plan with newspapers.

Google will start selling ads to existing Google advertisers in the print editions of newspapers. Initially, Google is testing the idea with The New York Times, Gannett Company, Tribune, The Washington Post and Hearst.