YouTube videos that appeal to pre-adolescents can be a stroke of genius, and perhaps no one knows that better than South Korean singer Psy.

Already credited with the most viral video on YouTube ever, Psy this weekend posted to the video-sharing platform the sequel to "Gangnam Style," an entertainment phenomenon that has registered more than 1.5 billion views.

The new video for his song called "Gentleman M/V" already has received millions of views.

If you're 13, you'll love the way Psy pulls chairs out from behind beautiful women so they fall down. Other naughty things he does include cranking up a treadmill so a women falls off it, swatting the coffee cup of another lady so that she spills her drink on herself and pressing all the buttons in an elevator to delay a guy who looks like he needs to use a restroom.

And then there's Psy's iconic sideways pelvic thrust, which shows up again throughout Gentleman M/V with entire companies of dancers joining in concert. There's just something so random about throwing this move out there as a side note to his other moves.

More proof that stupid is king when it comes to video views: A video posted last week titled "How Animals Eat Their Food" has nearly 29 million views.

Seriously? These guys are drinking from sippy cups and one guy does things like moo and smash his own head onto his plate. Again, hilarious if your brain isn't quite fully developed.

But crude can be clever, too.

Kmart's gone viral with a video called "Ship My Pants," which is a risqué play on words, considering it's coming from a big brand.

Check it out.

If these videos make you lament the state of the world's shared intellect, take heart.

According to Unruly Media, a U.K.-based firm that's expert in getting branded video to go viral, stupid videos aren't the only ones people like. Viewers also enjoy watching and sharing videos that can be described as cute, random, unbelievable, controversial, illuminating as well as those that elicit intense emotions.

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