Zendesk, billed as a leading provider of web-based customer support software, and LogMeIn, a provider of SaaS-based, remote-connectivity solutions, have teamed to bring remote support capabilities to more than 5,000 Zendesk customers.

The partnership promises to give IT help desks and support staff the ability to launch a remote support session with LogMeIn Rescue directly from a Zendesk ticketing interface. Support technicians can collaborate with their customers in real time to quickly diagnose and resolve issues related to their products by viewing and controlling a user’s computer or smartphone, on-demand.

The result is a faster and more reliable customer experience, insists the pair.

The integrated offering is now available to either LogMeIn Rescue or Zendesk customers. Both product lines are SaaS-based, eliminating the need for onsite installations, resources or management.

"LogMeIn Rescue for Zendesk integrates two of the most important tools used by our business, helping us diagnose and resolve issues faster and improves our customer satisfaction significantly", said Alan Conroy, managing director for Dublin-based company Support Solutions.

"Additionally, having the LogMeIn Rescue session information within the Zendesk ticket allows us to easily identify those customers who needed a visual walk-through for their issues and in turn offer them targeted training in order to reduce the amount of future support requests.”

The new partnership allows customers to, generate a LogMeIn Rescue session directly from a Zendesk ticket, launch a LogMeIn Rescue session from Zendesk and map ticket details to LogMeIn Rescue sessions.

Additionally users can post LogMeIn Rescue session details back to Zendesk tickets, including timestamps, chat logs, notes, as well as any custom fields and survey answers.

"Zendesk and LogMeIn Rescue customers represent some of the most dedicated and advanced support organisations in the world," said Lee Weiner, vice president support products for LogMeIn.

"By combining remote support from LogMeIn Rescue and ticketing workflow from Zendesk, help desk agents can achieve better first-call resolution rates, reduce time spent on troubleshooting, and retain happy customers."

"Anyone involved in technical support knows it's not always easy to diagnose a complex technical issue solely based on an end user's description," added Maksim Ovsyannikov, vice president product management for Zendesk.

"LogMeIn Rescue for Zendesk gives support agents instant visibility into the exact customer experience. It's the next best thing to being there in person, and enables support teams to deliver fast, accurate solutions to their customers."

For more information on the new partnership can be found at www.zendesk.com/logmein.