Despite the hype surrounding its launch, Microsoft's Zune player currently remains a minnow in the music player market.

A recent Reuters survey even explains that while 80 per cent of consumers would choose an iPod from a list of music players, Zune has managed to scrabble its way into the affections of 7 per cent of those asked.

"Among those expressing a preference for the Zune player, some 35 per cent were upgrading from an existing player while 18 per cent of those who voiced an interest in the iPod were upgrading," a report explains.

While the survey is being reported as proof that Zune has taken second place in the US music player market, an analyst observes that most customers considering Microsoft's critically disliked player will be moving from Plays for Sure devices from the company's partners, because its new Zune Marketplace doesn't let those devices 'play for sure' anymore.

The survey asked the opinions of 450 US shoppers across the country. It also revealed that 80 per cent of those surveyed are plotting to buy their first device.

Gartner analyst Mike McGuire said: "This could be an indicator of these devices moving beyond the technology cognoscenti and moving into the broader consumer market place — maybe."