AppleCare+ is Apple's upgraded warranty service, offering an extended period of servicing, priority technical support, battery service coverage and accidental damage protection, with up to two repairs per 12-month period for damage caused by negligence or accidents.

For Mac owners, AppleCare Plus is normally valid for three years. If you hold on to the computer longer than that - and most of us would hope to do so - you would previously have had to fall back on your home insurance if you want to get it repaired after a drop or a spilled cup of tea.

But there's now an alternative: 9to5Mac reports that Apple has added the option to extend the warranty for another year at a time for as long as you wish. But as you can see on Apple's US support page, this currently applies in the US and mainland China only.

The company already had, and continues to have, an automatic monthly renewal for AppleCare+ subscriptions for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.