A bid to liquidate Proview Technology, the company that claims to own the iPad trademark in China, has been rejected by a court, allowing the legal battle between the bankrupt display vendor and Apple to continue.

The Shenzhen Municipal Intermediate People's Court ruled against Fubon Insurance's application to liquidate Proview, the company's lawyer, Roger Xie, said yesterday.

According to Bloomberg, Xie said that following the ruling, Proview will continue its ligation with Apple. Had Fubon Insurance, a unit of Tapai-based Fubon Financial Holding co, been successful in its bid to liquidate Proview, the company's action against Apple might have been effected.

In December, the same court rejected Apple's trademark lawsuits against Proview, and said that even though Apple had signed a contract for the iPad trademark rights, it had done so only through a subsidiary of Proview in Taiwan. The Shenzhen-based Proview didn't attend any trademark negotiations with Apple, or formally transfer the trademark rights, meaning the contract is not legally binding.

Apple appealed this decision, and has threatened to sue Proview for inflaming the dispute and making misleading statements that could damage Apple's business. However, the case continues, with Proview attempting to ban Apple from selling its iPad in China, and Apple facing the prospect of paying millions of dollars in fines.

Fubon is considering taking further action in its Proview liquidation bid, which was applied for on behalf of reinsurance partners, the company said.