Apple's new TV adverts are a flop, according to a TV ad effectiveness consulting firm.

Apple's new TV ads focus on the company's corporate policy and push patriotic credentials by reminding us that its products are designed in the US. Ace Metrix Inc, a firm that analyses the effectiveness of TV ads by carrying out surveys of at least 500 TV viewers, found that, when Apple's latest ads were put to the test, they scored below the industry average.

The TV ad, which was first aired following Apple's WWDC 2013 keynote on 10 June, scored the lowest out of 26 Apple TV ads in the past year in Ace Metrix's survey. The result was a score of 489, below the industry average of 542 and much lower than some of Apple's most popular advertising campaigns in the past that were known to score more than 700.

You can watch the ad below.

This is a clear departure from many of Apple's previous adverts, which traditionally focus on promoting product features. Apple has taken a slightly new direction with some of its iPhone ads recently too, highlighting the device as a popular camera and music player. However, these ads also scored lower than many of Apple's previous campaigns in Ace Metrix's analysis, scoring 560 and 537 in the scale.

Examining Ace Metrix's results further, the latest Apple ad was received better by females than it did with males, and scored particularly poorly with male viewers over the age of 21. Reasoning behind the low scores includes the music, which was described by some as "sad," and that the length of the ad – 60 seconds – is too long.

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[Via Bloomberg]

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