Sumo’s governing body plans to offer Apple iPads to each of  Japan's 51 training stables after touchscreen smartphones have proved difficult to use for the oversized wrestlers. "When they try to send email on mobile phones or PCs they often end up pressing two or three keys at once," the daily Nikkan Sports reports .

The Japan Sumo Association hopes the 9.56 inch by 7.47 inch tablet computers will improve communication between coaches, wrestlers and association officials following a series of scandals that have plagued the sport in recent months. The association intends to spend the equivalent of £23,000 on iPads, which will include officials finally replacing faxes as a means of communication.

"With faxes you can’t be sure if the message was actually received but with email we can prevent that," the JSA told the Financial Times. "Plus, you can carry them around."

Additionally, in Japan, Apple's tablet device has also been hailed for its potential appeal to the elderly the Financial Times adds, due to a fifth of the population being past retirement age.

Apple iPad

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