Problems remain with MobileMe, with users signing to test the service claiming to have been charged full price; plus last-minute feature removals and more.

Apple's own MobileMe service page now admits that the service isn't properly working with Groups - affecting Mac user groups everywhere, who tend to run their group sites on Apple technology.

MobileMe members also cannot access the HomePage application. Service will be restored ASAP, Apple promises. What this means is users are unable to create new pages or edit existing ones, though exisiting pages remain available to view. Some problems have also been reported in the log-in page, with some users reporting errors when trying to access their Mail online.

Apple has also admitted MobileMe does not use "true" push technology to send data, rather it does so on a timer, meaning it syncs in 15-minute intervals, meaning Exchange for the rest of us isn't really a good exchange.

Perhaps the most significant missing feature - given the hoop-la which surrounded the launch of the still not fully-functioning service - Apple has delayed introduction of the iDisk File Sharing feature of MobileMe.

"When MobileMe was announced, iDisk File Sharing was mentioned as a feature; however, the MobileMe webpage noted that all features listed on that page were subject to change," Apple explains. "When MobileMe was released on July 10, 2008, iDisk File Sharing was not included. I apologize for any inconvenience."

But perhaps the deepest cut with the service - an increasing number of people are being charged the full membership fee for supposedly free trial accounts, Tom's Hardware claims.

Unlike .Mac trial accounts, the new MobileMe service policy requires users to provide valid credit card details to create a free trial account.

Apple remains reticent in making any statement as regards these continuing problems with the MobileMe service and the frustrations which bedeviled iPhone 3G purchasers last week.