Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed that the company's design guru, Sir Jony Ive, has been "key" in the development of iOS 7, further hinting at an all-new design for the next-generation of the mobile operating system, which is set to be unveiled at WWDC on 10 June.

During an interview at the D11 conference yesterday, AllThingsD's Walt Mossberg asked Cook about Ive's involvement in iOS 7, and Cook replied: "Yes. Jony is really key."

While Cook didn’t elaborate on any of Apple’s specific plans for new products, but say that new versions of iOS and OS X are likely to make their appearance at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which will take place in San Francisco from 10 – 14 June. SEE: What to expect from Apple at WWDC 2013

He added that October's executive shakeup, which saw then head of iOS, Scott Forstall, leave Apple, has allowed the company to sharpen its focus on the synergy between hardware, software, and services, with Ive taking a key role in the next evolution of the company’s products.


"What we did last fall was change things up, to really ramp up our innovation," explained Cook. "The key in the post-PC era for having a great product is incredible hardware, incredible software and incredible services and to combine them so you can't tell what's what. The magic is at the intersection."

"We recognised that Jony had contributed significantly to the look and feel of Apple for many, many years and could do that for software as well, and I think it's absolutely incredible," he added.

"Now it's seven months later, and I think it's been an incredible change. Craig [Federighi] is running iOS and OS X, which has been fantastic."

It is believed that Ive has overseen a complete iOS 7 redesign with a flatter look, ditching skeuomorphic design elements in favour of a more minimalist style.

The rumoured redesign for iOS 7 is already being compared with Windows Phone, though. In April, a report from 9To5Mac claimed that sources have described iOS 7's flat user interface as Microsoft Windows Phone-like.

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During yesterday's D11 conference, Cook also spoke about wearable computing, open APIs and more.'s Marco Tabini also contributed to this report.

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