Apple has seen its share of the US computer market rise 60 per cent in just one year, according to the latest information from NPD.

These figures claim the company achieved 14 per cent of US retail PC market share in February 2008, up dramatically from 9 per cent one year ago. That represents 60 per cent growth in unit sales and a 67 per cent rise in revenue, Apple Insider reports.

According to NPD's figures, Apple's laptop sales climbed 64 per cent year-on-year while desktop Mac sales grew 55 per cent (also year-on-year).

"Mac sales do not appear to be negatively impacted by macro environment," Hargreaves concluded. "[The] iMac continues to sell extremely well, with strong sales of larger screen sizes," observed Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves in reaction to NPD's findings.

NPD also speculates iPod sales will reach between 9.5 to 10.7 million during the current quarter.

Hargreaves anticipates Mac sales will reach higher in the enterprise markets, spurred by what he calls, 'the iPhone halo".

"We believe the iPhone will create a dual halo effect within the enterprise," he said, anticipating Mac market share in the enterprise markets could increase to between 3-5 per cent from its current 1-2 per cent clip.