Apple kicked off its annual developers conference today, with its WWDC 2013 keynote. Here, we're bringing you photographs from the event as it happens.

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Below: Apple's new Mac Pro

Below: Here's the new Mac Pro from the front...

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Below: OS X 10.9 is called OS X Mavericks. No more big cats.

Below: tagging in OS X Mavericks

Below: Improved multiple displays in OS X Mavericks.

Below: Safari improvements coming up

Below: If you have an app that sends push notifications on iOS devices, you can sign up to receive those push notifications on your Mac as well.

Below: New OS X Mavericks Calendar

Below: iBooks and Maps are coming to the Mac with OS X Mavericks

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Below: iOS 7 unveiled

Below: The new iOS 7 lock screen

Below: surfing the web in iOS 7

Below: iOS 7 Control Center

Below: iTunes Radio in iOS 7

Below: AirDrop in iOS 7

Below: Photos in iOS 7

Below: Siri gets improvements in iOS 7

Below: As predicted, iOS has had a complete redesign

Below: Apple updates iWorks at WWDC 2013

Below: Apple updates MacBook Air at WWDC

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Below: Tim Cook takes to stage

Below: Tim Cook arrives

Below: Our colleagues at Macworld and TechHive have taken their seats. This is the view at 17.30 BST.

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