Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and the more recent HBO Now have drastically changed our TV-viewing habits as on-demand binge-watching becomes the norm. However, new television shows are not often included in streaming services and most major networks still unveil their programming on a week-to-week basis.

In order to help you never miss an episode, Sunrise, the popular desktop and mobile calendar app that was acquired by Microsoft in February, is letting TV fans keep track of their favorite shows. This week the calendar service began including TV airing schedules under their "Interesting Calendars" feature. Sunrise users can now subscribe to the schedules for more than 70 U.S. channels, including ABC, Bravo, and HBO. Previously, Sunrise gave users the option to sign up for the sporting season calendars of their favorite teams in the NBA, NFL, and MLB.

But even if you're the biggest TV addict in the world, this new feature is probably not substantial enough to jump over to Sunrise if you're not already using it. There are currently a handful of very useful free apps and services for TV junkies. The venerable brand, TV Guide, for example, offers an iOS app where viewers can customize their own personal "Watchlist," as well as an Apple Watch component for notifications.

Similarly, the BuddyTV app has a "watchlist" option, but in addition it turns your iPhone into a remote control for your smart TV and lets you set up your DVR options.

For a more expansive TV-tracking experience, Episodes is an $8 Mac app that helps viewers "manage" their favorite shows with a dashboard. If you have your DVD collection backed up on your computer, you can also use the Episodes as a menu guide and play them.

However most casual TV watchers can simply rely on using Reminders to set up a weekly recurring reminder on certain days to remember when the next episode of Game of Thrones will air. FYI, that's this Sunday.