It looks like Apple isn't the only one coming under fire for its Maps app. Australian police have issued a warning about safety concerns with Google Maps, just as the service arrives in the Apple App Store.

Earlier this week, police in Mildura, Victoria warned drivers not to rely on Apple's new mobile mapping application, which was launched in September with iOS 6 to wide criticism, after several motorists ended up stranded in a the Murray Sunset National Park where temperatures can reach 46C and there is no water supply.

Now, a separate warning has been issued by police in the Australian town of Colac, west of Melbourne, who say that flaws in Google Maps are putting users lives at risk along the Great Ocean Road and in the southern Qtways, reports the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. 

Google Maps is apparently sending drivers down Wild Dog Road, which is a one-way track not intended for heavy traffic. This error has lead to a number of near fatal accidents.

Sergeant Nick Buenen said: "My issue is it's a significant safety issue for tourists [and] locals, who are getting the wrong information from their GPSs."

"My concern is that one day we're going to be at the coroners court [being asked] well what did you do about it?"

"We're trying to do something about it, but if a 22-seater bus rolls off Wild Dog Road today, [there wouldn't be] the multi-agency response to this issue that I would like."

Following the earlier warning from police about inaccuracies in the Mildura area, Apple has rectified the problem in its mapping service, so we expect Google to do the same.

Google today launched its official Google Maps app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, a welcome addition to the iOS App Store for many disgruntled iOS 6 users who found that Apple's offering was littered with mistakes and poor quality images. So much so that Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a public apology for the frustration iOS 6 Maps has caused, and recently admitted, "we screwed up".