The BBC plans to launch the full version of its catch-up TV service, iPlayer, on Christmas Day.

The BBC has today introduced Mac support for its streaming catch-up TV service in beta form. Mac users can visit the iPlayer beta site now to immediately begin streaming shows broadcast across the last seven days.

The service has until now been available in beta format for Windows systems only. The facility to download shows within a seven-day window of transmission will remain Windows-only, but support for streamed content for Mac and Linux systems will appear in full effect on Christmas Day, following a recent deal between the broadcaster and Adobe for the use of Flash technology for streaming shows, Broadband TV News reports.

It's understood that the facility to download shows will be made available for Mac and Linux users during 2008. BBC Radio Player, which already offers a library of BBC Radio content on demand, will in future be integrated into iPlayer.

Note: This story refers to the original BBC iPlayer for Mac application that streamed video. If you are looking for information on the BBC iPlayer Desktop application for Mac and Linux that enables you to download television shows to your Mac, please click here.