Apple has remained quiet about its rumoured iPad mini, but Best Buy appears to be getting its retail stores ready for the arrival of the device, sending iPad mini accessory in-store display units into its shops.

Apple Insider published a photograph of instructions that explain how to assemble a display designed to hold iPad mini accessories in stores.

"The tipster indicated that the pages labelled "Amazon/Apple Tablet Display Parts List" came from a box with a note attached, telling employees not to look inside," Apple Insider reports. "They said the papers fell out of the box, revealing the contents of the recently delivered package."

Although Apple Insider did not initially know which retailer the box had been delivered to, it was later discovered that it allegedly belonged to a Best Buy store.

It was expected that Apple would announce an event for the iPad mini this week, but no invitations have been received as yet. The delay could be due to a Retina display shortage, it has been reported.

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