The iPhone 5 is an expensive piece of kit, so you'll want to make sure that it is kept safe from bumps and scratches. If you work in an environment that means your iPhone 5 is more prone to damage, you might be looking for a case that provides the ultimate protection. Here, we round up the best protector cases for the iPhone 5.

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We'll be updating this article when we come across more iPhone 5 cases that we think will meet your needs.

iPhone 5 Armour series case from Otterbox

Price: £74.99 (you can find it for £43.82 on Amazon)

Otterbox describes its Armour case as the "toughest case ever built." It's waterproof for 30 minutes in 6.6ft of water, it can survive 10ft drops, it keeps out dust and can withstand two tons of curshing force, according to the company. It has a built-in screen protector to keep the display safe from scratches.

Available for the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4/4S, the case comes in a variety of different colours too.

Case-Mate Tough Xtreme iPhone 5 case

Price: £30

Case-Mate's Tough Xtreme iPhone 5 case is thin yet durable, combining top-notch protection with a touch of style and sleekness. It is designed to be able to absorb shocks, while also protecting the screen thanks to the built-in screen protector.

The case is available in black, pink, emerald green, blue or green/orange, so you can pick the colour that suits you best.

DBA Ultra Complete for iPhone 5

DBA Ultra Complete for iPhone 5

DBA's Ultra Complete has a simple but clever design. It's made up of two pieces that clip together easily - by mixing and matching the various colour options for each you can create a snazzy combination that suits your look.

A soft, flexible thermoplastic polyurethane under-panel - visible as the lime-green sections below - covers all of your iPhone 5 (except for the screen) and has a textured grip along each side to help you hold on to the smartphone. Then a harder polycarbonate shell clips on top (the 'Monaco blue' below) and gives extra protection to the high-risk areas that would take the most damage in the event of a drop: the corners. The idea is that the combination of the two materials absorbs shock without adding too much bulk.

DBA's cases are available from Amazon and mobi4you, and there's a further selection of colour combinations on eBay. The DBA Ultra Complete costs £19.99 in the UK.

Griffin Survivor

Price: £34.99

You could opt for one of Griffin's lovely soft wool cases, but for more extreme pursuits it's the Survivor that will keep your iPhone 5 safe. Available in a variety of colours – and with models for the iPad and iPhone 4/4S too – the Survivor is designed to meet UK and US military standards.

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