Three's 'Black Friday exclusive' iPhone XS deal is still available, and it's really good. You'll pay £42 a month (for the duration of the 24-month contract, which is standard) with no upfront fee and a very high data limit of 100GB.

You can sign up on Fonehouse. Click Three's logo (below the pink BUY NOW button) to see the deal. It's actually got better since it was first announced: the monthly fee has dropped by a pound.

To get a sense of perspective, the Fonehouse deal we had previously recommended (from Vodafone, as it happens) cost £56.50 a month - admittedly with unlimited data, but very few users will come close to a 100GB cap. Making matters stranger, Vodafone has now dropped the data limit to just 20GB, but is charging the same amount.

Check Carphone Warehouse and you'll struggle to find a monthly fee below £59 - and that comes with an upfront cost of £99.99.

In other words it's hard to think of any reason why you'd opt for any iPhone XS deal other than this one. The only decision is whether the XS itself is good enough for you, having been discontinued by Apple in September and replaced by the iPhone 11 - but the 11 will cost you far more than this. Read our updated iPhone XS review for in-depth advice.

Our comparison tool, embedded below, automatically finds the best iPhone XS contract deals in your region. But we'd very surprised if it can find anything better than this.