Apple reseller KRCS has announced a blanket 10% discount on any Mac it sells, as part of the firm's Black Friday/Cyber Week sale, which lasts until 8 December. This includes MacBook Air models from £989, iMacs from £944, Mac minis from £719 and MacBook Pros from £1,169.

A tenth off might not sound like a huge discount, when compared to the 25%, 30% and higher savings you'll have seen on various non-Apple tech products. But the point is that Macs rarely see discounts at all; Apple certainly isn't cutting any prices for Black Friday, choosing instead to give away gift cards worth a maximum of £160 as a bonus when you pay full price for one of its Macs.

The other point is that a 10% cut can be more than worthwhile when the ticket price is high. Buy an iMac Pro from KRCS, for example, and you'll find yourself saving a minimum of £489.