Bournemouth student graduate Gavin Williams is the winner of the British Interactive Media Association competition in the Student entry category for his iPad and iPhone app.  

Gavin has been invited to the prestigious awards ceremony in London to collect the first prize, having just graduated from BAIMP3.

WiDrive is a project that allows users to control a car from any mobile device or over the Internet, it also promises complete immersion by allowing a driver to virtually drive the car via video glasses.   

This is done by creating an Arduino based Wi-Fi server on the remote control car that allows the car to be controlled over Wi-Fi.


An iPhone or iPad app allows the car to be controlled remotely, whilst a wireless camera transmits video-to-video glasses.

Gavin notes on his website: "One of the things I really wanted to support within this project is allowing other people to contribute to it. So… As of December 25th, I shall be releasing the code onto GitHub for every one to enjoy as a Christmas present."

"I will also be releasing the iOS app on the App store for free if any one wants to download it and have a play and not get too much into the whole Objective-C thing."

A WiDrive video demonstration can be seen here and below.

WiDrive Open Beta from Gavin Williams on Vimeo.