Tomorrow (15 September), Apple is holding its first special event of the autumn, with the tagline Time Flies. (Here's how to watch the event.) Most observers agree that the focus will be on new models of iPad and Apple Watch.

The well-known (if not always 100% accurate) technology leaker Jon Prosser has now claimed that in addition to the Apple Watch Series 6, we will see a new budget model intended to replace the old faithful servant Apple Watch Series 3.

The latest information suggests that the design of this cheaper Apple Watch model will be the same as that of more expensive models, but it won't include the ECG and always-on display features.

Prosser refers to the new watch as Apple Watch SE, but hints that the branding for this device and its costlier sibling may be Apple Watch and Apple Watch Pro. It's therefore conceivable that the old naming convention is about to be scrapped, and that there will only be two basic models to choose from, albeit in several different configurations.

In recent years, Jon Prosser has been the first with several revelations, but his reputation has taken a hit from two very public missteps: when he predicted that iOS would be rebranded as iPhoneOS, and when he stubbornly claimed that new models of iPad and Apple Watch would be released last week.

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.