Apple's rumoured budget iPhone with a plastic case has been shown in a new concept image.

MyVoucherCodes commissioned the image which has been designed by Nickolay Lamm. It shows what a budget version made with a plastic case could look like if Apple decides to make one. See also: iPhone 6 release date: When will Apple's next iPhone arrive?

According to Lamm, an overlooked feature is that the casing will be translucent like Apple's iMac G3 computer, hence the turquoise colour used in the concept design. The budget iPhone concept follows on from the images the firm released showing possible Apple iTV designs. See also: What the Apple TV might look like.

"Nickolay's designs stem from his belief that Smartphone designs have somewhat stagnated, and show how Apple can turn the tables on competitors by reminding consumers of the incredible technology that goes into a Smartphone, as opposed to making major hardware innovations." said MyVoucherCodes.

Aside from the brightly coloured plastic rear casing, the budget iPhone sports the same 4in screen and Lightning connector as the iPhone 5. It's shown here with a white plastic front and a metal band running round the edge. See also: Apple iPhone 5S leaked online.

"The translucent material can do the same thing for the budget iPhone what it did for the iMac G3: open up our eyes as to the incredible advances in computing that have been made and make people excited about buying a phone again." added Lamm.

It's up in the air whether Apple will launch an iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or a budget iPhone. It's possible it could launch multiple iPhones at once. Rumours suggest the next-generation iPhone could be announced within the next few months.

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