Australian airline Qantas has joined the bandwagon and decided to replace its 1,300 company issued Blackberry devices with Apple’s iPhone.

The Business Times reports that the airline’s decision to ditch Research In Motion’s Blackberry will save about A$1.4million (around £920,000) for the Qantas.

Also set to get rid of its Blackberry devices is IBM, which will reportedly be providing 500 of its employees in Australia with iPhones.

“The transition from Blackberry to iPhone is part of Qantas’ broader mobility strategy and once complete will result in significant cost savings,” said the airline.

Qantas has also announced that it will be giving its pilots iPads for use during flights. More than 2,200 64GB iPads will be used in Qantas’ cockpits to enable pilots to access operational information digitally and reducing the number of print outs by more than 10,000 every day.

In June, RIM made the decision to delay its BlackBerry 10 upgrade, as the company reported a sharply lower revenue and a loss for the March-to-May quarter of 2012.  The company’s chief executive Thorsten Hiens denied claims that RIM is in a “death spiral,” and said “there’s nothing wrong with the company as it exists right now.”