British hi-fi company Bowers & Wilkins has unveiled two new products at CES in Las Vegas.

The company has made its first pair of headphones: called the P5, the headphones features leather earpieces and metal construction for comfort and noise isolating sound.

The P5 headphones also feature Made For iPod certification, and a microphone and in-line remote control button on the headphone cord. Danny Haikin, B&W's director of brand management, said that the materials make for a great design and also improve sound. "Everything that goes into a headphone set affects the sound," he said, "and because we're Bowers & Wilkins the design was very important to us."

The P5 headphones will cost around £200, and will be available this month.

The company also introduced the MM-1, a new set of desktop speakers designed to sit alongside your computer. "They have been designed to look great alongside an iMac," said Danny Haikin.

The MM-1 connects to your computer via USB, bypassing the Mac's analogue audio output and using its own built-in soundcard capabilities to produce the best possible sound. The speakers feature two separate drive units including an aluminium dome tweeter for refined treble performance. The MM-1 foregoes including a subwoofer. "We felt that, unless you're a hardcore gamer looking for huge bass to fill the room, you don't need a subwoofer in your bedroom or office," said Haikin. "This produces high-quality sound without the clutter."

The MM-1 speakers will be available in February for around £400.