The wait is finally over – for US Macintosh users, at least. Apple is finally shipping its stunning Cinema Display, "the largest LCD ever brought to market". Apple UK were unavailable for comment on availability on this side of the Atlantic.

The Apple Cinema Display is a 22-inch all-digital flat panel that features a sharp, "distortion-free" image and impressive wide-format design. Combined with the new all-digital Power Mac G4, Apple claims the Cinema Display "creates the ultimate system for creative professionals".

"The Apple Cinema Display is the best looking, best performing all digital flat panel ever made," said Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing.

"Combined with the industry-leading high-performance graphics engine in the new Power Mac G4, the Cinema Display provides design and publishing professionals with an ideal system to perform the most demanding tasks."

The Cinema Display, which incorporates LG Philips LCD Co.’s 22-inch Active Matrix LCD, is – according to Apple - twice as bright, twice as sharp and has three times the contrast of CRT displays, plus zero flicker. Its display data is supplied digitally from Apple’s Power Mac G4 computers, and it provides an integrated two-port hub that allows users to quickly and easily attach USB peripherals.

The Cinema Display comes in a stunning clear enclosure that complements the Graphite-coloured Power Mac G4.

Slim in design, the display can feature two full-sized A4 pages on the screen simultaneously - a key feature for design and publishing professionals who demand a large virtual workspace. LG.Philips last month announced mass production of the LCD.

In addition to the Apple Cinema Display, Apple is also shipping a new 15-inch, all-digital Studio Display that features a digital video interface that is compatible with all configurations of the new Power Mac G4 line.

The Apple Cinema Display is sold exclusively through The Apple Store, and must be bundled with a new Power Mac G4 computer. As soon as it becomes available in the UK, you'll be able to get the Cinema Display with the 450MHz Power Mac G4 for £5,198, ex VAT (£6,107.65 including VAT).
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