The usually reliable tech leaker L0vetodream has posted a couple of images via Twitter suggesting that Apple will show off several colourful iMacs at its spring event on 20 April. (This was first noticed by MacRumors.)

The images posted by L0vetodream compare the rainbow-hued Apple logo as depicted in the invitation to the April event with the colourful G3 iMac series.

The G3 iMac debuted in August 1998 and was updated six months later with five more colours. But in recent years the iMac has been a far more sombre line; even the addition of black to the (now defunct) iMac Pro was comparatively exciting, and something that never extended to the standard iMac range.

Apple leaker Jon Prosser has also previously said that the upcoming iMacs will be released in several different colours which sounded similar to the G3 iMac, although he made a comparison with the colours offered on the iPad Air.

L0vetodream has got some impressive predictions right in recent months, most notably hinting at the launch of the AirPods Max in December. But hinting is very much the style, and it sometimes feels like the leaker is playing it safe by making predictions that can easily be walked back as 'just a joke' afterwards.

Indeed, one tweeter replied to the thread by calling it "safe tweeting", claiming L0vetodream "tweets things that CLEARLY are intended to make people think he knows redesigned colored iMacs are coming, but if they don't come he can just say "I was just bringing up memories".

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.