Watch the team from Macworld UK unwrap this Christmas season's must have tech gifts!

Apple will be giving away free apps, music, movies and more in the 12 Days of Christmas/12 Days of Gifts promotion

Apple Logic Pro X


Apple’s recent GarageBand update has positioned it squarely as a consumer app. If, however, you want a professional-editing application, the fi rst item on your holiday wish list should be Logic Pro X. It mixes high-end capabilities with ease-of-use, so you can quickly write a track and then spend hours tinkering with dials to get everything just so. There’s a minor snag in Apple not allowing apps to be gifted, but you could drop hints for £140 of iTunes gift cards and a note saying “for the music”.

Line 6 Mobile Keys

£65 from

The problem with onscreen keyboards is they’re rubbish. It’s no fun tapping a typewriter-style keyboard to trigger notes on a Mac, nor prodding away at a glass piano in GarageBand for iOS. Instead, you need a real keyboard. Mobile Keys provides an excellent playing experience. Despite having two octaves of full-size keys, the unit’s dimensions are such that it’s easy enough to cart around in a bag. It also works with Macs and iOS devices.

iPad Air

Wi-Fi £399 to £639;
Wi-Fi and Cellular £499 to £739

Say hello to Apple’s latest full-size tablet. Well, we say ‘full-size’, but the iPad has lost a lot of weight since its fourth incarnation, dropping 28 percent from its grammage and a bit of depth to become a truly one-handed device. Potentially twice as fast as its predecessor (although only the most demanding apps of all will showcase its muscle), it’s a superb e-reader, gaming unit, not to mention a portable work machine.

Apogee JAM


It’s strange to think that until relatively recently, connecting instruments to a Mac was an ordeal, and only really solvable with rather expensive hardware. Now, any guitar can plug into your Mac via the affordable JAM. The portable device is pretty much idiot-proof – a couple of slots for leads and a gain wheel. There’s also a status LED that offers three lights – blue for connected but not ready, green for connected and ready to go, and red for your level is too high. Another great feature is JAM’s ability to work with iOS devices – useful if you want to work on recording some ideas away from the distraction of your Mac.

Lego Life of George


You’re never too old for Lego, and with Life of George you can feed your addiction for plastic bricks and iOS devices simultaneously. It’s designed to be played with the (free) universal iOS app. Open the app, select a building challenge and then it’s a race against the clock. Once you’ve finished, scan your build with your iOS device to get your score.

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