Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that new G4 Cube configurations are set to ship next spring.

Answering Apple's critics, he agreed that sales of the G4 Cube had been disappointing as customers felt the price was too high. To address this, the CEO promised more configurations and a lower entry-level price next year.

Cash back He also discussed the rebate of $300 that Apple is running for consumers who buy a Cube with an Apple monitor in the US. Apple sources indicate that this same rebate will be launched in Europe, perhaps as early as next week.

Jobs said: "The Cube was designed to be the ultimate Mac for high-end consumers and professionals. We think its one of the finest engineering products to date."

Finally, Jobs also sought to allay fears over two early problems with the Cube: some of the power switches developed problems during shipping; and many users confused small plastic flow lines for cracks. These lines were in fact a side effect of the manufacturing process, which has now been refined.