The Apple Watch Series 6 and SE were launched together with two new straps, the Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop. These are unusual because they don't have a buckle, stud or any other adjusting/closing  mechanism; they rely instead on stretchiness and you picking exactly the right size - there are nine sizes to choose from - to fit your wrist.

We've written an article explaining how to get the right size of Solo Loop. But what if you didn't read that, and picked the wrong one? You're going to be inconvenienced.

MacRumors reports that customers who've ordered one of the new watches with the wrong size of strap face a dilemma: Apple's online store doesn't allow refunds, returns or replacements of just the strap, so you have to return the entire watch and order a new one. Similar reports can be found in Apple Communities and on Reddit.

This is obviously a huge waste of resources and an annoyance for all parties. In terms of postage and shipping, a larger package than necessary is being transported back and forth, contradicting Apple's environmental initiatives to save as much packaging as possible; Apple can no longer sell the watch as new; and it's irritating for customers who have to wait several weeks to enjoy their new watch, instead of being able to make do with an old strap until the replacement Solo Loop arrives.

Some readers tell MacRumors they have managed to get the straps replaced in an Apple store instead, but these are not available in all locations and forcing customers to go to stores during the ongoing pandemic may not be a good idea.

Early reports indicate that many prefer a fairly tight fit, especially on Braided Solo Loops that appear to be stretchier. A snug fit helps the Series 6 to measure blood oxygen, too.

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This article is based on original reporting by Macworld Sweden and Macwelt. Translation by David Price.