Apple's closed the doors on its 14 September California Streaming keynote event where we saw the company launch the new iPhone 13, two new iPads, and the Apple Watch 7. Now attention turns to the next Apple Event.

It is widely anticipated that Apple will hold another keynote this autumn at which it will launch new MacBook Pro models (14in and 16in) alongside, potentially, a new Mac mini. Who knows we may also get the new AirPods that were surprisingly absent from the 14 September Apple event.

Indeed, the absence of the AirPods could hint at the date for the next Apple Event.

Apple didn't announce the AirPods at the 14 September event, which was a big surprise, but should it have been? Apple is currently running a Back to School/Back to University campaign through which it is enticing new students to buy Apple products by offering free AirPods. That campaign ends on 27 September in the US and 11 October in the UK. If Apple had announced new AirPods at the event on 14 September it would have made this look like a particularly bad deal.

Could Apple's Back To School campaign be the reason why Apple hasn't announced the AirPods yet?

On that basis, Tuesday 12 October 2021 seems like a good date for the launch of new AirPods, and alongside them, Macs.

A quick look at the pattern of recent years suggests that an October keynote on Tuesday 12 October would fit:

In previous years Apple has held two keynotes, one in September and a late autumn keynote on the following dates at which the following products were announced:

23 October 2012 - New iPad Mini, iPad 4 with Retina, iMac, 13in MacBook Pro with Retina
22 October 2013 - New iPad Air, iPad mini 2, new MacBooks
16 October 2014 - iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iMac 5K
27 October 2016 - MacBook Pro with TouchBar and butterfly keyboard, new TV app
30 October 2018 - MacBook Air, Mac mini, iPad Pro 3
10 November 2020 - M1 Macs (since iPhone keynote took place in October).

So, see you on 12 October then.