One of the most anticipated new features in iOS 14 was the ability to select a different app as the default app for opening web links or sending emails - relegating Mail and Safari in favour of alternatives. The problem is that the function has been very buggy.

First it turned out that a bug meant that the default app setting would default back every time an iPhone was restarted. This bug was fixed Apple in iOS 14.0.1, but now a new bug has been discovered that again makes the feature unusable.

It seems that the default app setting will be reset every time your replacement app is updated. For example, if you select the Gmail app as your default email app, the system will default back to Apple Mail each time Google issues an update to its app - regardless of whether the update happens manually or automatically, the Verge confirmed.

The bug also has not yet been addressed and is present in iOS 14.1. Read about the latest verison of iOS 14 and bugs and problems.

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by Karen Haslam.