You may have already seen one of the most poignant tributes to Steve Jobs (pictured) circulating online and now the man behind the design has been tracked down.

Reuters reports that the aptly-named Jonathan Mak, a design student from Hong Kong, created the image, which shows an Apple logo with a Steve Jobs-shaped bite taken out of it.

Mak has apparently been offered a job on the strength of that one design and said: "It has been a crazy day for me. I'm both excited and terrified."

However, Mak didn't actually create the design after hearing news of Jobs' death, but after he resigned from the company in August. But it wasn't until today that it became a web sensation.

The design brilliantly symbolises both Jobs' influence on the company as well as a sense that something important is now missing.

"Originally, I was going to put a black modified logo against a white background. It just didn't feel sombre enough. I just wanted it to be a very quiet commemoration. It's just this quiet realisation that Apple is now missing a piece. It's just kind of implying his absence."

The design has already made its way onto merchandise being sold on eBay.