Perforce Software has announced its Software Configuration Management 2001.1 (SCM) solution for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server.

SCM is an asset-management solution for software developers. The release lets them work on source code on a Mac, and saves the resultant version to a Mac OS X server. This lets development groups ensure they are working on the most current version of code. It also tracks versions and workflow. The product supports over fifty platforms - such as Windows 2000, Red Hat Linux, and Unix.

Adding support for SCM means that Mac developers can run the server-side solution on Macs, which means they don't have to manually move code into a database held on a different platform.

What Macs need Dave Robertson, European general manager at Perforce, said: "We knew from existing customers such as Macromedia and Symantec that the Mac market was crying out for a dedicated SCM system to coincide with the launch of Mac OS X."

Scott Thompson, Macromedia's technical lead, said: "Perforce was an invaluable tool in helping us maintain our code on multiple platforms while we implemented the Mac OS X version of FreeHand 10. We are excited that Perforce's products are now available as native Mac OS X applications, to speed our time to market on future OS X products."

Robertson said: "Mac OS X makes Macs a much more viable development platform, partly because of the Unix spin. This means it's no great step for Linux and Open Source developers to move their applications to Mac OS X. Now that choice exists, developers are moving their products to OS X."

He added: "Demand for Mac development tools is climbing once again. For serious development, the Mac's never been given full credence, which is a shame as it's an excellent platform."

Perforce for Mac OS X is available for free download from the company's Web site, and is free to use for 45-days, with free technical support. A free and unlimited two-person version is also available for download. Licensing costs start at $600.