A proposed Dutch levy on iPods, hard-disk video recorders and other MP3 players has been delayed.

Dutch industry group SONT said it won't begin to charge the extra tax on sales of such devices until it hears the European Commission's final recommendation on such practices.

The levy is being opposed by electronics manufacturers, who describe such levy systems as out of date, and allege that they amount to a stealth tax on consumers.

They point out that music fans already pay a copyright fee when they buy sounds, and that they shouldn't have to pay the same fee twice just because they use a different music delivery system.

SONT says that the delay in imposing the charge doesn't mean a final decision has been made to abandon the idea, and argue that making devices more expensive for consumers imposes no barrier to innovation.

Europe is expected to advise that such taxes on devices be harmonised across the union; at present it varies between around two euros and tens of euros on each device in different member states.