Internet file-transfer application Interarchy 5.0 is available now. It introduces a new feature called FTP Disk, which lets users access files on frequently used servers with any application in exactly the same way you access files on your hard drive. This feature will support accessing files over a slow connection, and works using standard FTP protocols.

FTP Disk caches a remote folder over FTP, and queues up local changes for background upload the next time a connection is made.

The application – originally known as Anarchie - supports mirroring, where a local (on-disk) folder can be made to look exactly the same as a remote folder. Commands have been collected into hierarchical menus, for a cleaner user experience.

The revised application supports Macs from OS 8 to OS X.

A fully-functional unlicensed version of Interarchy will be available for download until October 1, 2001. Customers who purchased Interarchy 4 after June 25, 2001 will receive a free upgrade to Interarchy 5. A single user licence costs $45.