The conflict between Epic Games and Apple over revenue split on the App Store continues to escalate.

According to The Information, Epic Games is now looking for allies in order to form a coalition against Apple. Among others, the company has been in contact with representatives of Sonos and Spotify (which famously said Apple's platform is not yet open and fair), but so far it has not succeeded in creating a formal alliance.

Apple, for its part, has announced that Epic Games will no longer have access to the App Store and developer tools from 28 August. This in turn may affect the development of other apps and games based on Epic's Unreal Engine.

Epic Games wants to keep access to the App Store and developer tools and has therefore appealed to a California district court. The company also demands that the game Fortnite be made available again without changing the code, after it was removed from the App Store earlier this month.

The heart of the conflict is Apple's 30% revenue cut from the App Store, a sum that Epic Games thinks is far too high. For analysis of the case, read Epic battle could force change at Apple.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.