According the General Scheme of the Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill, the EU requires that at least 30 percent of content on streaming video services comes from Europe.

This could be a challenge for Apple. Of the 42 available films and TV series, only two come from Europe - the British comedy series Trying and the Ted Lasso series, which is filmed in the UK.

Apple TV+ won't be the only service affected by the news, but it is likely to have a hard time living up to the requirement.

To reach up to 30 percent, Apple would need to add 17 European productions, MacRumors reports.

It's unclear if the two UK shows will even count to the 30% of European content in the wake of Brexit.

For Netflix, meeting the requirements should be easier: Netflix has invested heavily in European films and TV series in recent years.

The easiest way to reach the desired percentage is to get your hands on already recorded films and TV series, but Apple has repeatedly emphasised that it wants to invest in original productions.

We have an article that runs through everything that's on Apple TV+. This will not include Scraper, the planned series about Gawker, after Tim Cook personally pulled the plug.

There are rumours that a new Apple TV is in the works at Apple. Read more about that here: New Apple TV.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by Karen Haslam.