Yesterday, a report emerged claiming that Apple is planning to unveil its next iPhone at a special event on 12 September, alongside the iPad mini and new iPod nano. The claims have now been confirmed by several publications and their sources, including The Verge, The New York Times, Reuters, Bloomberg and AllThingsD.

The original report came from iMore, which claimed that “sources who have proven accurate in the past,” have said that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled by Apple on 12 September, alongside the iPad mini, and will be available to buy on 21 September, although the smaller iPad’s release date was unknown.

Following iMore’s report, iLounge revealed further information from “a highly reliable source,” who confirmed the mid-September launch of the iPhone, and added that Apple is working on at least two cases for the new iPhone. One of those cases is believed to be similar to the iPhone 4’s Bumper, but the other is a different design that could “have a major impact on the accessory market if released.”

iLounge also said that a new iPod touch is likely to be launched at the same 12 September event, and will have a bigger display. The report does, however, dismiss the launch of a new iPod nano at the event.

As for Apple’s tablet range, iLounge’s source says that the iPad mini will not be ready to ship alongside the new iPhone, and could have its own launch event, possibly in November. The iPad mini could have its own Smart Cover and Smart Case too, says the source.

This November event could also see the introduction of the fourth generation of 10in iPad, says iLounge, which will have minor tweaks such as the addition of a rear microphone to improve sound quality of video recordings, and the dock connector will be smaller like the one predicted for the next iPhone.

If that’s not enough, AllThingsD has also confirmed the 12 September event. “Apple hasn’t yet officially announced the fall event at which it is expected to debut the next iteration of the iPhone, but it’s definitely planning one,” says the report.

AllThingsD points to Apple’s latest 10-Q filing, which reveals that the company’s prepayment for inventory components has risen substantially during the June quarter of 2012, indicating that Apple is preparing for a big product launch.

“Historically, such increases have been followed by a slid ramp-up in revenue in the following 2-3 quarters,” said Wells Fargo Securities analyst Maynard Um said in a note to clients on Monday. “In our view, and increase in inventory component prepayment may suggest that Apple is securing supply for potential new product launches.”

The Verge cites its own sources familiar with the matter as confirming the 12 September event, as does The New York Times, Reuters, and Bloomberg.

The Loop’s Jim Dairymple simply wrote: “Yep,” in response to iMore’s original report.

Earlier this week, photos of a fully assembled iPhone 5 were leaked, showing the most detailed insight into Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone yet.